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My name is Sid Norris, and welcome to my website.  Elliott Wave Predictions is essentially a continually updated record of selected trade-able financial instruments that I track, analyze and/or trade on a regular basis.  Each chart will typically include carefully considered Elliott Wave technical analysis, trend-lines, MACD and/or RSI interpretation , Fibonacci price targets, and Hurst cycle analysis.  Accompanying each chart will be additional explanations, commentary and predictions for price and date targets.

Also included are numerous links to some of the finest technical analysis education materials available, including LIVE webinars where I expain all of my current wave counts & targets, access to updated ScreenShots of the most popular items I track, and movies explaining my unique method(s) for predicting market movements.

Enjoy! I hope my work is beneficial to you.

Sid Norris

P.S.  Whether you’re just getting started with Elliott Wave, or you consider yourself an expert Elliottician, I think you’ll appreciate the condensed, but quite complete synopsis of the wave principle posted on this site, under the Wave Notes tab.

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