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EWP ScreenShots Service


EWP Screen Shots:

Immediately after each weekly Sunday morning “Counts” webinar, I’ll produce a set of 28 screen shots consisting of my weekly, daily, 240-minute, and 60-minute Elliott Wave counts and targets for each of the following:

  1. SPX Index (S&P-500)
  2. Gold (XK contract)
  3. Oil (QM contract or USO)
  4. US Dollar Index (DX or UUP)
  5. EUR/USD Currency Pair
  6. Bonds (30yrT-Bonds ZB contract or TLT)
  7. German DAX index

Each multi-screenshot album will be posted at a unique password-protected link at As soon as the screenshot sets are posted, all enrollees will be emailed a link and password. In addition, I will post an additional set of 14 updated screenshots mid-week, consisting of 240-minute and 60-minute charts of each of the seven items listed above. The mid-week update will almost always occur on Wednesdays, but might occasionally take place instead on a Tuesday or Thursday. All enrollees to “Sid’s Current Elliott Wave Counts” webinar will receive the links and passwords to the full EWP Screen Shots product (that same week) as a free bonus. The value of the flagship Weekly “Counts” Webinar just went way up!.

New!! (as of 9-14-13):   All “Counts Webinar” and EWP Screenshots enrollees will receive free access to Sid’s new educational video entitled “Sid’s Elliott Wave 101”.  In this new video, Sid’s shows all of the rules, guidelines and patterns of the Wave Principle, as well as how to use Elliott’s trendline system, how to draw Fibonacci retracement and extension targets on your charts, and which Fibonacci target levels are the most likely during each of the number and lettered waves.  Bonus!:  Sid’s Elliott Wave 101 is downloadable.  It will also play on virtually any device, including tablets and smartphones.

For those who prefer to only receive the Screen Shots product (without webinar access), enrollment is $19.50 per week. Gaining access to “EWP Screen Shots” is easy! Just use the proper yellow “Buy Now” now button on the right side of my website to enroll via Paypal.   FYI: Automatically Renewing Monthly Subscriptions and Discounted Annual Subscriptions are also available.

Below is what the EWP Screen Shots product looks like after logging in.  Each chart in the album can be individually moderately enlarged, or downloaded individually, or quickly viewed in a slideshow.   Better yet, all of the charts in the album can be quickly downloaded (and then unzipped) as a group. Downloading is recommended because the charts can be enlarged to much larger sizes that way.

I hope my new EWP Screen Shots product will be beneficial to you! Thanks . .


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