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A Recent Testimonial from an Subscriber

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May 092015
I just had to share the following testimonial, received yesterday from one of my Weekly “Counts” Webinar subscribers:

I wanted to thank you for the incredible research and analysis that you provide by giving you a brief history on me and how my account is exploding to the upside since I started following you and attending your webinars.

After the economic meltdown in 2008, I had to pretty much start over. I took a corporate job after many years of self-employment in 2009, and started saving the maximum amount that I could in my new 401K. Then in 2013 I was hired as the Executive Vice President of a top real estate company in California, but they didn’t offer a 401K program. At that time I had to convert my 401K to an Individual IRA which only allows me to save $6500 per calendar year, as I am over the age of 50. As time went along I became increasingly frustrated with the menial returns I was receiving buying and holding “the recommended” diversified portfolio of mutual funds. That’s when I started subscribing to your webinars and screenshots at

On February 6, 2015 I moved my portfolio from Fidelity to E-Trade and decided to look for entry and exit points on stocks, ETF’s and indices based upon your analysis. My strategy was to use 10% of my portfolio to trade options, hold 20% in cash (to add to positions if needed) and buy value stocks that pay dividends with the remaining 70%.

The day I started the E-Trade account (February 6, 2015) my account equity was $37,000.
Today (May 8, 2015) my account equity is $50,200.

I’ve deposited $1500 of additional funds during this time so subtracting that, I’ve managed a gain of $11,700 (that’s 23.3%) in roughly 3 months.

And the best part is, I know now that I don’t need the market to continue to go up to make solid returns. For instance, I’ve made some very nice winning trades recently shorting IBB (the Biotech sector ETF) using put options, as well as trading long IBB using calls. All trades were based on the analysis you show in your weekly webinars.

Following your Elliott Wave analysis and looking for entry end exit windows on securities based on Hurst Cycle analysis has been a game changer for me and my retirement. Thank you for all you do Sid, and keep up the good work!!

Kel N.”

Kel subscribes to my Weekly Counts Webinar, which includes twice-per-week EWP ScreenShots.  Click here to read more testimonials.

Opportunity to receive rare e-book access to the classic investment text “Non-Random Profits” by Hanson & Mann

 Eleven-Quarter System, LIVE Webinars, Screenshot Offerings, & Educational Movies  Comments Off on Opportunity to receive rare e-book access to the classic investment text “Non-Random Profits” by Hanson & Mann
Jun 192014

Here’s an opportunity to receive rare e-book access to the classic 1978 investment book “Non-Random Profits” by Ray Hanson & Robert K. Mann.

NRP book cover - small

All Eleven-Quarter-Stocks subscribers this month will receive a free bonus from one of the authors of Non-Random Profits, Robert K. Mann:   The “Non-Random Profits” in  ebook format!  (Additional research has been added in this e-book edition).  FYI:  Rare original bound editions of the long-out-of-print book typically sell on the internet for over $100.

The June 2014 11-Qtr-System monthly webinar will be Monday, June 23 at 8pm (EDT) (5pm PDT).  This month’s guest speaker will be none other than Robert K. Mann, co-author of the classic 1978 investment book “Non-Random Profits”.  Mr. Mann will be discussing his many decades of experience with the 11-Qtr-System (referred to in the book as the “Ideal System”) in a conversational webinar format with Sid Norris of and  Planned topics of conversation include:

  • Why and how the original book was researched and written
  • How many of the “Ideal System” qualifying stocks have fared over the years since the book was written
  • Some of the additional subtleties of trading the 11-Qtr-System
  • The importance of accurately determining the current market position within the 4-year stock market cycle
  • Much more!
  • Webinar attendees will be able to present questions

Only Eleven-Quarter-System subscribers will receive invitations to the webinar, as well as a access to a recording of the webinar afterwards (whether in-attendance “live” or not).  Subscribing to the Eleven-Quarter-System is easy, and is quite affordable!  (The first month is 1/2 price:  only $12.50).  Cancel anytime.  Here’s more info on how to subscribe . .

For more information about Robert K. Mann, here are some of his recently published articles.


Monthly Report on the Eleven-Quarter-System (11-Qtr-System) from Sid at &

 Eleven-Quarter System, LIVE Webinars, Screenshot Offerings, & Educational Movies  Comments Off on Monthly Report on the Eleven-Quarter-System (11-Qtr-System) from Sid at &
Mar 012014

Model Portfolio Holdings EOM 2-28-14 blurred

Here’s the monthly update on the Eleven-Quarter-System (11-Qtr-System) from Sid at &  The screenshot above is the February 28 end-of-day model-portfolio holdings.

With February now complete, our model portfolio is up 7.6% YTD, while the DJIA is down 1.5%, the S&P-500 is up 0.75%, the Nasdaq (QQQ) is up is 3.2%, and the Russell 2000 is up 2.0%.  We started the model portfolio on January 1, 2014 with a cash balance of $100,000, and no open positions. (To review, at the end of January, the portfolio was up 4.9%).

The model portfolio has utilized no more than 40% of its available cash at any point so far, and is currently sitting 83% in cash.   The highest number of issues held in the portfolio was 20 (on Feb 10), and it is now holding 9.  The total number of different stocks it has owned since beginning of the year is 25,  so we have bought and sold 16 different stocks now, and each of those trades ended in profit.  If the ROI is figured based only on cash-placed-at-risk, it is currently 105% (annualized).

The 2014 11-Qtr-System model portfolio is being traded using the Stock Simulator at  The “game” allows the investment long-only in stocks (only), with no margin, no shorting, and no options allowed.  A $9.95 commission per trade is figured in.  For the sake of simplicity, the idle cash is set to not collect interest.

Please note that in addition to the original “Ideal System”, as presented in the 1978 book “Non-Random Profits” by Hanson and Mann,  I’ve added a number of rules and guidelines to how I intend to trade the system, including the extensive utilization of Elliott Wave, its associated Fibonacci price targets, Hurst Cycle analysis, and several more key elements.  To find out more, subscribing is easy, and quite affordable.  All 11-Qtr-System subscribers receive notification as soon as any trade is initiated in the 11-Qtr-System model portfolio.


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