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Mar 052017

Ever wanted to see what my paid subscribers see?

Today and only today, you can.


I almost never give away my work.  But today, I feel like sharing a little bit of it.

If you are receiving notification of this post, it means that at one time or another over the past six years, you’ve shown interest in my work, either at or, or my newest website,  Today, I’m allowing free access to today’s (March 5, 2017) weekend edition of EWP ScreenShots, as well as access to the recording of today’s weekend “Counts” webinar, which includes nearly four hours of in-depth video analysis of the markets.

Here’s the link and password to today’s edition of EWP ScreenShots:


password:       geetis

By the way, Basic & Pro Plan subscribers at my new site ( have access to a better-organized version of EWP screenshots, where the charts are organized into folders: Bonds, Commodities, Currencies, US Stock Indices, Non-US Stock Indices, and ETF’s/Sectors/Misc.  Inside the folders, the screenshots are alphabetized.  Subscribers can download the entire edition, only certain folders, or individual screenshots as desired.  Also, every weekend and mid-week edition of EWP Screenshots going back at least 30 days are available to paid plan subscribers at ElliottWavePlus.

What about the Weekly “Counts” Webinar, you say?  Click on the link below to view the recording of today’s webinar:

By the way, Pro Plan subscribers at my new site ( have additional access to an indexed version of the above recording every week, which allows the subscriber to jump directly to my video coverage of any item covered (like GDX, EUR/USD, HangSeng, etc.)  from a pop-up on-screen list.

Interested in seeing more, like twice per week?  Please check out my new website  There’s a lot to see there, including educational videos, documents that explain my specific methods of technical analysis, as well as my chart notations, blog posts, and more.  Subscribing to one of my paid subscriber plans there is easy.

Sid Norris   (formerly

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