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Why Sid’s Analysis is Unique (& Better!)


Why Sid’s Analysis is Unique (& Better)

  • Sid’s method for distributing his market forecasts is education-based.  He explains the reasons behind his predictions in easy-to-undersand detail.
  • Sid combines multiple robust, independent methodologies.  Primary consideration is given to Elliott Wave and its associated Fibonacci price targets. But very importantly, Sid’s weaves Hurst cycle analysis into each projection.  This combination has proven to be quite powerful!  For instance, if a wave 2 (a partial retracement) is due after a new trend direction is established, how long is that wave 2 likely to last?  Elliott Wave theory, by itself, provides little guidance when it comes to duration.  This is where adding Hurst cycle analysis becomes invaluable.  This is why almost all of Sid’s charts not only show a price target, but also a date target for that price to be hit!
  • Sid does not harbor a long or short bias.
  • Sid covers numerous trade-able instruments, especially in his weekly “Counts” webinars.  This allows subscribers to “cherry-pick” which items they want to trade based on market condition (wave & cycle juncture), risk tolerance, and trading style.  Item choices include the major stock indices (American, European, and Asian), the highest volume sector ETF’s, over a dozen commodities, and the major currency pairs.  Analysis time-frames include weekly, daily, 240-minute, and hourly, allowing for short, intermediate, and long-term trading/investment.

Here’s a short video example of how Sid combines Elliott Wave and Hurst Cycle Analysis:

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